May 26, 2011

O.C.C Loose Color Concentrate - Nosie

Hey guys, sorry I disappeared for a couple days. For the May Victoria Day weekend I partied it up in Atlantic City with some friends. One of the best trips I have had down there yet. Now that I am back I have some catching up to do, and blogs to post.

First up is my new Loose Color from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. The shade I choose was Noise.


For more info and pictures keep reading...

Nosie is described as a light rosey pink, with a blue duo chrome. The shade was shown on the website as a pretty light rose pink. Once I got my color in the mail, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to find it was as light of a pink, and didn't have that bright blue duo chrome I had expected. I was really excited about this color, and once swatched I wasn't as excited anymore. Once applied it almost turns into a brown shade. :( With that said, the color isn't a complete lie. It is a dusty rose, and does have a blue duo chrome, the pink just isn't as light, and the blue isn't as bright.

Unfortunately I can not seem to find this shade on there website. If memory serves me correctly it was included in their 'Garage Sale', which were items they were no longer carrying. Regularly this loose colors go for $12.00 US.

On my eye...


Swatches on top of Purple, Pink, & Red...

It is a pretty shade, just not the one I was looking for. I actually prefer it layered on top of another color. This shade on top of a purple was my favorite.

Peace & Luv


  1. Thanks so much for this review! =D

  2. It still a nice shadow but it does suck when it's not what you expected. No worries, I'm sure you'll find a way to make it rock :)