June 23, 2011

Foolish Hair Up-do!

Its prom season and this year side pony tails, and messy braid was what girls were looking for. That simple, down home look. My sister was itching to do a fancy up-do so last week I got together with Amanda. I went over to her house and played around with some long ass hair extensions she had got me. (I am a very lucky girl, and love my bomb hair dressin sister!! <3)

That night I was lucky enough to get my dye job touched up, feathers put in my hair, and have this awesome up-do.

So the idea/theme for this up-do or look would be a really rad, neon, raver wedding. :D This blog is more so a show & tell, then a how-to.  I am a hair klutz. (Only thing I could show you how to do is a bow. lol)


For many more pix, and where to get your hair done by this lovely lady check the link below...

This wild look started by my sister spending her time curling all the extensions. Then she went in and curled my hair, add the extensions and worked her magic. How she truly gets it to all work out I will never know.

Here is the beginning, then end result.





We look forward to doing a full photo shoot together. Hair, makeup, clothes, the works! Can't wait to post!

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