June 24, 2011

New Gosh Polish: Black Passion

While one of my many trips to the drug store I headed over to the discounted polishes and found something I was interested in. I've got myself a new Gosh polish called Black Passion. Obvious to the name it is a very very dark shade of grey. (I say a very dark shade of grey, because it is almost black but not quiet there.


For more pix & swatches click link below...

As said previously, this shade is a very dark grey, and almost has a pearl shine to it. All topped off with a light sparkle. Lovely.

As usual I like Gosh's formula and had no problems with it. Polish dries in a average amount of time. You will have to apply a couple coats, and will have to wait for them to dry. Sadly, not a quick dry.

I do like the end result. The color on the nail looks the exact same in the bottle. I like that, what you see it what you get.


Score in the discount bin! Thank you! Lol.


  1. Cool. I like the whole look of the nail polish in the bottle, so sleek. The color looks great. I guess is the shimmer that makes it a deep dark gray instead of pure black. I've never tried Gosh before. And there is nothing better than loving something out of the discount bin!

  2. Damn stright. lol. I think that's why it turns out like a dark grey too. Aside from that it really is a black. lol. I like Gosh polish, although I am finding they are slowly starting to disappear.