June 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Polish: Mint Sorbet

The day I picked up my Gosh Black Passion nail polish I also picked up a new minty Sally Hansen- Xtream Wear color. It's called Mint Sorbet, a wonderful baby light green shade.

For more pix and swatches click the link below...

When I first saw this polish I fell in love right away. :) Its the perfect minty green Ive been looking for.

I love Sally Hansen because they have a great built in strengthener. Great formula to there polish. You really only need two coats to cover and it dries quiet quickly, which is always a plus. (I have no patience. lol.) Sally Hansen usually has pretty good polishes but are mostly know for there clear coats and strengtheners.

You can find Sally Hansen at your local drug store. Polishes usually range anywhere between $3-$10. They are super easy to find, and are of decent quality.


Another polish to try out by this brand is there super bright, and sparkly HD polishes.

Peace & Luv

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