August 19, 2011

Nails... Pop-Rock!

Today I needed a quick fix for my nails. They were looking pretty rough from work this week, and I needed something to brighten them up and make them sparkle for this weekend.

This look like most of my nail looks is very simple. (I really don't have that much talent in the nail world.) I wanted to rep my black rock'n roll nails, with a mix of sparkle and color. So I painted my pinky on my left hand pink, and my ring finger on my right hand yellow, then applied different colored gems all over them.

Here is what I managed to come up with....


(For all you haters out there; Yes, there is some nail polish on my fingers. Yes, I didn't clean it up, and yes, I was in a rush. I think Ive pretty much covered it. ;D)

Once I was done applying a couple coats of each color. I then applied the gems using a clear coat to adhere them to the nail. After that I used the same clear as a top coat for all my nails. Once they are dry you are ready to rock out.

Polished used....
-Gosh: Black Pasion
-Hard Candy: Splendid
-Funky Fingers: AN13WARHOL

Hope you like these rockin sparkly nails.

Peace & Luv

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