August 19, 2011

Update... Missing in action... uh, lots of action.

Hey guys,

I know it seems to feel like I have been missing forever, at least thats how it seems to me. This week has been pretty busy. There is lots going on. Yesterday I was hoping to post some blogs but was feeling quiet ill. Today Im driving to Detroit with my boyfriends family, for a engament party for his brother. My dearest friend, and cuz is giving birth today to a beautiful baby boy. Lots is happening, life is exciting.

Last night I was planning to post a look, however silly me managed to forget my camera cord at home. I have a couple looks on my camera waiting to be shared. Today however I will be sharing a simply nail look with you, coming up next.

The fall season is arriving (meaning summer is almost over.) meaning lots of new changes to come. Im excited like any growing and changing person to see what is coming up next. I look forward to new collections and prodcut reviews, as well as my makeup course starting in Septemeber.

I don't really ever post just to say hi, but felt the need to today. So hey, that's what's goin on. That's where I am at. Hope life is treating all of you just as well.

Peace & Luv

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