August 12, 2011

O.C.C Pretty Boy Collection (Fall 2011)

Who says makeup is only for girls? From David Bowie, Duran Duran and Boy George to Adam Lambert, Jared Leto and today’s crop of glam rockers, the impact men have made on the art of makeup is one that still resonates through the present day and boys keep swinging!

Pretty Boy, OCC’s new Fall/Winter 2011 Colour Collection, takes its inspiration from these artists and performers to present a palette created to empower all genders to express themselves with colour.

The creative process began backstage at the Fall/Winter 2011 Collections where the runways were littered with brightly coloured makeup including intense neons and saturated pastels, not typical of what to expect from makeup trends meant for the later months of the year. At BESS NY, under the direction of Makeup Artist Vincent Oquendo, male and female models alike took to the runway in bold neon lips, multi-colored eyes and with some literally covered head-to-toe in glitter. At Eva Minge, Makeup Artist Kristi Matamoros created a look that showcased almost-neon red lips, and at Logan Neitzel, Makeup Artist Victor Henao’s look featured a graphic green/black eye makeup look that made models of both sexes look equally mysterious and androgynous.

OCC’s take on the trend features 6 new intense shades of Lip Tar, alongside new Nail Lacquers, Loose Colours, Pure Pigment powders and Glitter to finish off the look with a bold and dramatic flourish.

Photo By: Michael Webber
Soooooo as I'm sure all will get the picture, O.C.C is coming out with a new collection for Fall/Winter 2011. This collection is called Pretty Boy. Like most new collections, epically ones from O.C.C I am very excited about this becoming available on September 6th 2011. You pick up these items at

For product list, pricing and a couple more pix follow link below...
Lip Tars: ($13.00 US)
Butch Pastel periwinkle
Femme Pale flamingo pink
Banjee Freshly sliced mango
Queen Screaming neon red
Narcissus Creamy pink/lavender
Pretty Boy Deep, true fuchsia

Color Concentrate: ($12.00 US)
Cruising Brassy gold shimmer
Poison Primordial forest green
Jubilee Pastel blue with intense green/yellow shimmer

Pure Pigment: ($12.00 US)
Magenta Intense red-violet
Turquoise Intense teal/green

Glitter: ($12.00 US)
Mirrorball Disco-era silver with rainbow reflections

Nail Lacquer: ($8.00 US)
Pool Boy Creme blue
Pansy Creme purple
Palare Deep fuchsia with blue/violet duochrome
Femme Shimmering flamingo pink, matches Femme
Extravaganza Rich pink/coral with gold shimmer overlay
Cruising Brassy gold shimmer, matches Cruising

I wish I had more photos to share with you, but unfortuantly I do not. I hope you are just as excited as I am about this collection. I can't wait for O.C.C to come to Toronto with IMATS. I want some polish!! :)

Peace & Luv

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