September 15, 2011

Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow Review

Our effortless, water-resistant cream shadow formula combines the drama of deep, intense metallic pigment with our anti-crease Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer for a sophisticated, shimmering shadow that won’t fade or smudge. Versatile enough to wear alone for stunning shine or as a shadow base for buildable beauty.

A week or two ago I was snooping around the Too Faced website when I decided to treat myself to a new makeup item. It feels like its been so long since I have done a actual review I owed it to myself and to you.

One of the items I decided to go with was Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow. It's a cream based eyeshadow. You can wear it as a shadow on its own, or you can use it as a base under other colors.


For more pictures and review follow that link!

Too Faced offers these shadows in five different shades. (I'm Guilty, Dramarama, Bedroom Eyes, Prisoner of Love, & Jail Bait) They are sold regularly for $18.50, but are on sale right now for $16.65. You can pick them up on the Too Faced website.

The colors I have as are follows:

Bedroom Eyes...

Prisoner of Love...

Jail Bait...

My camera didn't want to focus, that's why there is only one. :/

When I first tried the eyeshadow it felt exactly like their Shadow Insurance. Creamy, and smooth. Easy to glide onto the eye. I did find that as nice as it was to blend in I began to lose color, however the shimmer stayed. I found this shadow to be poorly pigmented. I couldn't get a good amount of color to stay, even when applying more on. I personally would not recommend this as a straight up eyeshadow.
However, these cream eyeshadows have Too Faced Shadow Insurance already mixed in there formula, meaning they can go directly onto the eye and hold well. They are basically the perfect colored base. I'm still extremely happy I got them. I would recommend them altogether.

I think they would be a awesome eye day item. They work as a great color base, or just a light touch when your on the go.

Peace & Luv

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  1. a month ago they had a sale and i bought one of most of the colors they had available: both the beige/browns, both the pinks, and the blue. both the browns arrived with broken tubes, the crimped ends were open. so i called, and they said this was a common problem with the SI shadows. they could send a replacement for the dark brown but theyd have to refund me for the beige since its discontinued. i got my replacement but no refund yet, its been 3 weeks.
    the brown and beige have glitter! yuck, i wasnt expecting that. if i want glitter, ill add it. the colors are very nice. the pinks are ok colors; the light pink is not very pigmented, mostly just frosty, and the dark pink has great color payoff but its dry and thick. the blue is the WORST in terms of color payoff, i dont think im ever actually going to use it unless i need base and im all out, which is unlikely to happen with so many other tubes of base in my kit now. 4 tubes of SI shadow, a UD sin (i bought the old style, then the squeeze tube came out that month, so i was gonna return it and my friend opened it and used it, gr), and trial sizes of other brands like kat von d that i havent even opened yet. im just going to give away the blue, and the light pink probably...