June 6, 2012

China Glaze's Aquadelic & OPI Navy Shatter

As mentioned in my China Glaze's Aquadelic Nails post I have now applied OPI's Navy Shatter on top.

At first I wasn't too sure if I liked the combination because I really liked the bright blue of the Aquadelic, and the Navy Shatter really darkened my nails. However now I have changed my mind, and really like how they look. 

It's kind of weird but I actually like shattered nails better once it has been worn for a couple days and had faded around the edges a little.

Here are some pictures of my nails...

Shatter or Crackle is a quick & easy way to give your nails a funky look. I personally find darker shatter's to look better on brighter, lighter colors. Neon shades would work really well too.

Peace & Luv

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