February 3, 2013

Theatre Class Photo Shoots

Two weeks ago I had completed my Theatre course at Complections. We had our photo shoots within the last couple days of the course and got our final prints back on Wednesday.

Doing these photo shoots for school was quite exciting because I got to control the creative direction.

My first photo shoot was based off prints made by artist,  Roy Lichtenstein. My model was meant to look as much like the printed comic as possible. 

My idea was to play on the tears already rolling down her cheeks and really see the sadness in her eyes. She was meant to look like she was almost at a funeral. I also choose to dress her in all black to contrast from her colourful make-up and hair. 

Model: Amanda F

My second photo shoot was created around the idea of doing a shoot in UV black light. I have always loved  black lighting, as well as any glow in the dark art or paint.

I had chosen to do a tiger lady because I wanted to create a image that would be simple but bold and powerful. I also need something that was still bright enough to leap off the page.

Model: Camille H

A lot of work went into these photo shoots on everyone's part. I would like to send out a very special thanks to Amanda & Camille for coming down to Complections and volunteering their time to model for me.
Thank you so very much!!

Current course: Film & Television... blog to come soon. :)

Peace & Luv

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