March 30, 2013

Film & Television Class Photo Shoots

A few weeks ago I finished my Film & Television course in school. Just like at the end of every other course completed thus far we gotten the opportunity to have 2 photo shoots, showcasing our work. I was given complete creative freedom when it came to style and direction, as well as make up and costume design.


My first photo was of a tribal angel wing tattoo. I was looking for a large back piece that would be simple but bold with a obvious message or symbol. This make up was straight forward but took plenty of time to fill in. The hardest part would have to of been trying to keep the lines as straight as possible.

Model: Evan

My second photo was my version of the Batman character "Two Face". I was definitely trying to go for a more realistic take on what he could have looked like as a character. This photo is one of my favourite make ups and photos I have had taken during school. I was extremely happy and proud of the out come. However with that said there are always things you can improve & learn from.

Model: Evan


Just wanted to give a special thanks to my handsome model Evan for coming to school with me and letting me put a whole bunch of uncomfortable products on your face & of course to Danielle; Photographer & Editor.

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Peace & Luv

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