April 29, 2014

Lise Watier Sensational Kiss Review

This lip balm gently exfoliates thanks to the fine sugar crystals that eliminate dead skin cells. An indispensable for moisturized, ultra soft and sensational lips! Paraben free. Clinically tested and under dermatological control.

Apply on clean and dry lips and masage delicately using lips or soft flock applicator. Leave the fne sugar crystals melt on your lips.

Today I am reviewing Lise Watier Sensational Kiss, an exfoliating lip balm.

This balm was created to eliminate dead skin using shea butter and sugar crystals, leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth.

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Upon first glance I thought this product was just a lip balm. It comes in lipgloss like tube, with a twist end. It has a build in lip sponge for direct application. The product itself is a clear, and thick, almost like oil. The balm has fine sugar crystals to help give the exfoliant it's scrubbing abilities.

Feeling its thick consistency and smooth texture I was a little sceptical of well this lip scrub would work. Once I tried it, I fell in love. This lip balm truly left my lips feeling so soft and smooth without feeling like I just took off a whole layer of skin.

The balm imminently begins to melt on your lips, exposing the fine sugar crystals. Using a circular motion I rubbed the balm into my lips. Once I felt like the lip balm had no more scrubbing power I rinsed off my lips with water.

As said before this balm left my lips feeling soft, and smoothly for days. There was no sign of any dead skin or chapping. I also love that Sensational Kiss is very gentle on lips and skin. I plan on using this lip balm on myself and clients.

Sensational Kiss was purchased at my local Shoppers Drugmart, however Sensational Kiss can also be purchased online or anywhere Lise Watier products are sold. It is priced at $21 CA.

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