January 14, 2015

Nails... Hotski to Tchotchke

Today I did one of my favourite things to do, got my nails done. I was feeling a little adventurous and wanted to try something a little diffrent.

Every 2-3 fills (depending on what kind of shape my nails are in) I like to get my false nails removed and a new set applied. My main reason for doing this is to prevent any fungus or infections. After a while your real nail grows out. The arcylic or gel or whatever you choose to use could seperate from your real nail and allow water to sit inbetween, cause a fungus or infection. 

So this was my time to switch up nails. When they asked me about shape I decided to try something diffrent and go with a almond (stiletto-ish) shape. I really like this look on other woman. Its a retro look that has been given a modern flare. At first I will admit they were a little intimidating. (I felt like I had a new set of claws. It was kinda awesome.) After a short while I did get used to them. It wasnt hard for me to switch from my usual square shape.


(Photo's were taken one full week after having manicure done.)

As far as polish and color goes I stuck with my other new trend, Shellac. I feel like the Shellac or gel polish helps keep my nails stronger and more durable. Today I went with what Ive been calling a mermaid color, CND's Hotski ti Tchotchke, a bright and pearly Teal. My nails were topped off with the CND Dimond Shine top coat.

Peace & Luv

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