March 14, 2016

Nails... Dragon Scales, Mermaid Tails. Fairy Dust, Sparkly Nails

This month I chose to go with a some what more simply designed nail. With that said I am still in love with them. They remind me of dragon scales, no wait mermaids tails, no wait fairy dust, no wait... Theysparkly  and shiney nails are eye catching in any lighting. I love they way they sparkle and shine from any angle.

These nails were created by using a gel coat and them sticking the glitter peices to my nails by either dipping my nail into the glitter or tapping it onto the nail. She used a combanation of glitters. A super fine purple sparkle and some big chunky green glitter peices. The larger glitter has a duo chrome shine basically giving off multiple colors depending on the light and angle you are looking at it from. When you hold a few of these glitter pecies in your hand they actually look purple, so be careful when choosing a color. Looks can be deceiving. My nails were sealed and toped off with another gel coat to make them smooth and shiney.

As always my girl Lynn at Y2K nails in Brampton made these happen. She is fantastic and would recommend her to anyone, but especially those looking to try or do something new. These nails are super fun and really well done. They always last me at least 4 weeks. ( :( I know, I know. Get em filled.)

Next time we will be kickin it a little old school. I plan on getting some 3D art so make sure your looking out for that. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below.

Peace & Luv

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