March 25, 2016

VAPING - Over 75 Days Smoke Free

So this blog will not be make up related however it is about something I would consider to be health related and something I am personally very proud of. I reccently decided to quit smoking. Techincally it has been 77 days smoke free. This was not meant to be one of my new year goals, but something I wanted or would like to have accomplished before the end of 2016. In all honesty I didn't think it was ever going to happen. Then I discovered vaping.

Now again in all honestly I had heard of vaping a couple years ago but didnt really understand the concept. I couldn't understand why someone would want to switch from smoking to another product that is still nicotine based and "pretty much the same thing" - which it isn't. My opionon on this has completely changed.

First let me explain a litte about vaping. Before I begin please note that I am not an expert in vaping. I am still a begininger. As much as I have dove in head first (haven't been into something as much as this since discovering make up!) and have learnned so much over the past couple months I am in no way, shape or form an expert on the topic. Vaping can be dangerous if done inccorectly. Please follow all saftey rules and guidelines. You need to know and understand battery saftey. A good rule of thumb with vaping is if you don't know how to do it or think it may be dangerous, then STOP. Please do all your research, visit shops and ask questions. 

I will not be going through all the in's and out's of vaping, simply because there is so much information and as mentioned above I am in no way an expert. However if I do get a good response or recceive questions another blog may have to follow.

My personal vape story goes like this... I had discovered vaping through a couple friends and seeing a couple videos online. One night I had randomly purchased one of those gas station vape pens. It had a ego style battery and a clearomizer with filling measurements. It seemed pretty legit for a starter pen. I enjoyed using this pen for fun but it wasn't something that was helping me kick the habbit right away. Part of my problem was I was using shitty e-juices at way too high of a nicotine level. That's what happens when you dont educate yourself first. 

A couple weeks later I was at the mall and decided to stop in at our local 180 Smoke shop. At this point I had watched a lot more videos and was looking to purchase my first real beginer kit. I was already leaning towards the Kangertech Top Box Nano in Pink. I ended up purchasing the Top Box Nano and begann ti quit smoking that very day. It has offically been 51 days since that purcahse and I haven't have a ciggarette since. The entire set up cost me around $120.00. That included the Kangertech Top Box Nano kit, battery and e-juice. Everything to get you started vaping that night. If your still unsure of what your doing a good shop will help you set up your vape right then and there.

That very night I went online and placed an order for some "real" e-juices. I also purchased one from 180 Smoke wiith my kit, but wasn't really a big fan. I will say there premium e-liquid is great. My favorite and regular go to nicotine e-juice is called Deez Peanuts by 180 Smoke. You don't have to get this e-juce with nicotine.


E-Juice, also known as E-Liquid, or E-Cig Juice is the liquid used to fill the tank or clearomizer on your vape pen or mod. E-Juices come in a varitey of tastes and flavors. Typically you have a few categories. Fruity, Fruity Cream, Dessert, Alcholic Drinks, Tabacco, and Menthol.  You can find pretty much any 
flavor you can imagine and if you can't there are serveral places where you can make your own.

E-Juice is generally made up of 2 key ingredients. VG and PG. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. VG is a natural chemical made from Vegetable oil. PG stands for Propylene Glycol. PG is a petroleum byproduct commonly used in asthma inhalers, medical producats and beauty products. When these liquids are heated they create a vapor which can be inhaled. Depending on the ratio of the VG and PG used in your e-liquid you will find diffrent results when vaping. More PG will create a thiner e-liquid that will also have a harsher throat hit. If the e-liqud contains more VG then you will see a thicker juice that generally will produce more clouds. Make sure you are using the proper PG and VG percentages for your set up. I personally like a higher VG then PG in my e-juice simply because I like to chase clouds and don't want as harsh of a throat hit. It is more suited for sub-ohm vaping and has less of a thoat hit.

You also have your flavoring which can be natural or attifical. You can also add nicotine depending on your prefence, Nicotine will give your juice a stronger (harsher) throat hit. Nicotine levels range from 24mg - 0mg. I personally started at 18mg's. I should have started a lot lower then that considering 18mg is a pretty strong dose, I quickly dropped down to 12mg for a short time. I worked my way down to 6mg and now 3mg. I am personally giving myself at least 3 weeks between each level to ensure I am not rushing the process. 

Side note/ Little Rant: For those of you who are thinking of trying to quit smoking with vaping- Dont be surprised when people see you are vaping, praise you for it and then pretty much take it back because you are vaping with nicotine. Dont let these people discourage you or make you think you are doing something just as "bad". You are not. You are doing a wonderful thing for YOU and your body, The way I look at it I may be vaping with nicotine which is an addictive substance and harmful to you, however I have also managed to cut out the other 1999 chemicals found in icky sticks AND am slowly reducing the amount of nicotine I take in. For the record you also don't need to always vape with nicotine. I personally switch between a couple tanks. Only one of which contains any nicotine. Thank for coming out haters. ;)

Battery Saftey:

Battery saftey is key when vaping. You need to make sure you are alway using the appropriate batteries for the device you are using. You also need to be charging your batteries with the apporopritate charger or device. Most regulatd mods have difrent types of battery protection which helps the mod stay safe. You also want to be sure your mod has good ventalation. I always like seeing a good amount of vent holes near the battery area, Helps the battery stay cool. If for some reason your batteries do heat up, remove then from your mod. Leave then for a couple minutes. If they continue to heat up, move your batteries to a safe location where they can do whatever they are going to do. People and pets should reamin clear of the area. Any battey waste or mess should be cleaned up appropriately. Google how to clean up a battery mess.

One thing I love about vaping is the ablity to customize pretty much everything you do. You can customize the look of your vape by customizing the mod or adding your own drip tips. For advanced vapers you can even build your own coil on a RDA or RTA. (I am just learning about this myself and have only reccenly purchased RDA. I will say it has been sucessful, but there is still a ton to learn. Maybe a blog for a future date.)

Vaping has already become huge in places like the UK and California. I am so excited to see the industy expand and blow up even more. I can't wait to see what this exciting hobbie will become. I am a huge advocate for vaping. It's a fantstic way to kick the habit of cigarettes and a much healther way to chuck some clouds.

Vaping has become so popular that in some areas it is looked at as a sport. People enter competeitions and win money or sponsorships from blowing the biggest clouds or doing wild vapor tircks. Check out some of these videos online. They are truly incredible. So much more skill and knowlege involved then it looks. 

Since starting to vape I have already purchased a Kangertech KBox 200W mod. I am in love with it. I needed a mod that would go up to a higher wattage and tempraure. I understand that the KBox 200 does not do a full 200 watts, but realistically I'm not regularly vaping past 95-110w. You do not have to max out your mod. The Kangertech KBox is great for me because it gives me all the information I need and is small enough to fit nicely in my hand. 

If you are looking for more infomation has some great guides for new and old vapers. This site breaks down pretty much everything you need to know about getting started with vaping.

I apologize if this post was too much information or a little confusing. There is just so much to go over. I have only touched the surface. Like I've said several times during this blog, do your reserach. There are a ton of articles and videos out there to explain. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me. I can also be found on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter @warpaintluv (MU) @warholluv (personal).

Happy vaping everyone!

Peace & Luv


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